Sharing My Babes’ Birth Stories

​I am going to share all my children’s birth stories on this blog.

I believe natural parenting starts with the pregnancy and birth of your precious babe. Pregnancy and birth is divinely sacred and a time in a woman’s life when her choices and needs should be shown the utmost respect; when she should be supported and loved. A time in a couple’s and family’s life that should be allowed the space and honour it deserves; where bonding and intimacy can bloom, and love be shared unhindered.

It’s frightening and deeply saddening to hear birth stories in which a new mother and father have had their birthing plans shattered through the disrespectful, patronising, misguided, selfish, or bullying behaviour of their caregivers that they have placed in the most important positions of trust, in their most vulnerable of times.

I hope by sharing my stories that I am sharing the beauty, love, and sacredness of birth, the inherent strength, wisdom, and fearlessness that lies within all birthing women, the importance of support and respect for the birthing mama and her loving partner, and the grounding magic of sharing birth with family.

My journey into motherhood began over 15 years ago with the birth of my first bubba, Bear. My first story is of his birth when I was only 22 years old, my second is of birthing my daughter Star when I was 26, and lastly is the story of Strong’s birth two years ago when I was 35. The stories reflect not only my experiences but also my personal growth, and the development of my knowledge and understanding of birth.

Strong’s story was written over the days following his birth, whilst Bear and Star’s were written many years later, relying on my memory. I regret not having written their stories earlier but it was simply not something I thought to do until discovering other women’s birth stories over the years, deciding to write my experience of Strong’s birth, and becoming more passionate about women’s birthing rights and the value of sharing positive birth stories.

Below are the links to my babes’ birth stories which I will add as I post each one; the first the birth of my beautiful girl Star who turns 11 this week.

Star’s Birth At Home

Strong’s Homebirth


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