My family and I have just returned from a year long adventure on mainland Australia. We left our little bush cottage in Tasmania and set off, not really knowing where we were going and what we would do, and how it would affect us.

Now, upon settling back home we are embarking on some new and some not so new journeys, and it’s here I’m going to write about and share our experiences.

Our last year on the road has helped me and my family to see what was not working in our lives before, inspired us into action in areas of our lives that need it, opened our minds to new opportunities and paths in our life together, and cemented what is really important and essential in life.
This blog will follow our journeys through Unschooling (a continuing journey that we have embraced, and that has evolved naturally over the last two years of our 8 years of homeschooling), transitioning to (as close to as possible for us) a Waste Free life, Natural Parenting (following nature’s inherent wisdom to birth physiologically, safely, and sacredly, mothering with nature’s amazing biological gifts and our innate knowledge and intuition, parenting with love and openess, sharing our lives with our children respectfully, and loving them for who they truly are), and Celebrating Earth (from living within native forest, gardening, and bushwalks, to crafting with natural materials, organic wholefood and vegan cooking, and following the wheel of the year. How we live and how I stay connected with our great mother Earth).

My family includes myself Danielle, my loving, supportive, outrageous partner of 17 years Scott, my beautiful, rambunctious 14 year old Bear, my sweet, willful 10 year old daughter Star, and my adorable, rascally  1 year old boy Strong. We’re a family brimming with imperfections, faults, incredible differences, laughter, tears, weirdness, and happiness. We live with a lot of LOVE, having chosen a life together with ‘less’, over one apart with ‘more’.


If this sounds like a blog you’d like to continue reading I hope some of what you find here is what you were looking for, or surprisingly what you weren’t. I’m writing this blog to express my passions in life, and share my family’s earthly experiences as we journey through our lives together.