Ring Out, The Solstice Bells

Litha has just passed; a day of festivity, fire, and food. The Summer Solstice landed on the 21st this year, and we looked forward to and prepared for a day together around table and fire.

On rising we played Jethro Tull’s Ring Out, The Solstice Bells, followed by the whole album Songs From the Wood on repeat (we are all in love with this album!), and Star, Strong and I went outside to pick fresh Tea Tree blossoms for our table and altar. We were hoping to feast outside in the sunshine and light a bonfire but even though the day was bright it was a little too chill and windy so our celebration centred around kitchen, hearth, and altar.

Firstly we breakfasted on a solstice smoothie of banana, strawberries, and cherries, and then looked forward to a late lunch of layered bean dip with flat breads, kebabs cooked on the fire, fresh green salad, and potato salad. The morning passed in the kitchen; Star eagerly helping with the cooking, Bear at times entertaining and playing with his little brother at other times reading, and Strong keeping close by absorbed in play, watching all the happenings, and reminding me to sit for a cuddle and booby in between. Amid the preparations we shared a first solstice drink; the awaiting boysenberry syrup opened.

Then when all was ready we came together to ready the table; Star setting the final touches. Blessings were sung in honour of Earth and Sun, and the feasting began.

To follow our main meal we deserted on Summer pudding made with local raspberries, strawberries, and silvanberries, garnished with the seasons first cherries, and served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

A beautiful meal enjoyed by all; the richness and bounty of Summer’s early offerings very much appreciated, honouring Earth and Sun. All our food homemade with love and attention, and all efforts made to keep our celebration as waste free as possible.

The rest of the day was spent in relaxation. A couple of family card games of canasta played while Strong napped, lounging around the fire, and as the evening drew nigh Bear and Star played outside, staffs in hand, as the sun set on his longest day.