Unexpected turns and bends along the road

When we first moved to Tasmania from South Australia over 9 years ago it was a hard to believe dream come true. Scott and I had longed for years to buy a block of land to settle down on but our reality in Adelaide was moving from rental to rental each year trying in vain to find somewhere that brought us happiness; none of them ever quite right, and only ever earning enough money for what we needed to just get by. So when we saw a property in Tasmania advertised in the back of an Earth Garden magazine that we thought maybe, just maybe we could afford, it was like stepping onto an emotional train ride that was filled with near derailings, but that I knew would somehow get to its destination if we kept trying and persevering. And a little over three months later we had a hard won home loan, Scott had a chef position lined up in Franklin, Tasmania and we were in the throws of moving. I just couldn’t believe we’d done it, we had our long dreamed of block of land! 

I do believe that Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we are so privileged and blessed to be living here. Over the past nine years I have grown and changed and my beautiful family has blossomed. We embarked on our homeschooling journey when we moved here, and what an amazing, incredibly rewarding, and eye opening journey it has been and still is! Tasmania has offered us so much and even though we have been through some very trying times we have learnt and loved so much together. I sometimes look back on the young me as I was growing up and dreaming of my future and think, I never would have thought this is what my life would be like and how I would be living it, but I am so happy this is how I am living my life and that I have listened to my heart and been open to the unexpected turns and bends along the road.

Nearly two years ago I was heavily pregnant and getting ready for the homebirth of our little angel Strong. In April of 2015 he blessed our lives as he was peacefully born in front of the hearth in our small wooden house, and his beautiful presence brought a spectacular change to our lives. In the following months I fell more and more deeply in love with my adorable angel and if possible more deeply in love with Bear and Star; the most wonderful loving brother and sister. In other areas of my life though, I felt trapped, down, drained, and at times very anxious. I was unhappy with how we were living; with the practicalities of day to day, I needed inspiration, release, freedom, change, motivation, and some universal guidance! 

It was around this time that a few pieces of our life ordered themselves into just the right positions and Scott and I knew it was the time for us to go on the camping road trip around mainland Australia that we’d been wanting to do for years. We got ourselves organised (well, mostly!) and when Strong was 5 months old set sail on the ferry to Melbourne.

We didn’t end up making it all around the mainland but over the following 13 months journeyed through parts of South Australia, Victoria, NSW, and QLD, and made our way up the east coast as far as Daintree Village in far north QLD. It wasn’t a luxurious trip, we had hard times and awesome times, we travelled basically and simply, but it was an adventure, and was what we needed.

Sitting in our Soulpad tent, June 2016, in a camp in Babinda, far north QLD, the wettest town in Australia, rain falling outside as it had been for a week during a late running wet season, the air wet with humidity, our clothes, bedding, everything(!) damp from constant moisture in the air, the ground outside turned to a sludgy mud swamp, we were discussing as a family our future plans. Get the hell out of Babinda!! Well, yes definitely that! But seriously, as we talked about exciting plans, directions we could possibly take, I felt it was the right time to mention an idea that had slowly been taking form in my mind;.to perhaps leave Tasmania, sell our beloved home and property, and move back to the mainland…….It was not completely out of nowhere, Scott had also been thinking these thoughts and we had touched on it in conversation as we drove through ever changing landscapes, but I was concerned about how Bear and Star would feel and react. But, they were really open to it.

Going back to the land of South Australia and even certain parts of Victoria and NSW was like rekindling a deep connection that doesn’t ever diminish regardless of how long I am away. It is also where all of our family lives. But to leave Tasmania; the thought of it sends a wave of sadness rolling up my body.

We have now been back home in Tasmania for about 5 months and have just recently put our block up for sale. I still question what we are doing, I think we all are at times, but then we also feel it is our next unexpected bend in the road that we need to follow. It is very exciting, scary, and unknown but a journey that has many opportunities for us. We want to be mortgage free, we want to start anew with fresh ideas, we feel that we need to be closer to our family again, we want to give our children new opportunities, and being back on the mainland will open so many new doors for us. We don’t know what’s going to happen; how long our place will take to sell, how much it will sell for and how much we will have to start the next stretch of our journey with, AND…….how it will feel when we leave our home of the past nine years; the place that made our first dream come true, the home I thought we would never leave……